Zoé [SunnyVids]

As some of you may know, I bought a packaged deal for SV13 & SV14 a few months ago ($199 for both rather than the $599 each; it was pretty amazing). I've been using SV13, but last week I finally got the download for SV14 (just downloaded it recently, though). Since it's made by a new company and all, I figured that I should give out a little bit of an info collection on what's different and what to expect for when the crack comes out!

- Setup is similar, but more cartoon robot looking? I have a screenshot of it below! (Everything is in the same place as SV13, but some have different animations, like ! is now S, the composition mode is now a circle, and remove unused media no longer has the lightning bolt thing.)
- Velocity now goes up to 1,000%.
- Vignette now has it's own effect!
- Also has a few "Smart" effects that I'd avoid because it needs a different plugin to work correctly.
- Starburst is a thing now, but it's similar to Glint I guess.
- RESAMPLING MODE!!! You can now set the whole project to be Disable Resample rather than clicking every clip.

- The preview screen is a little faster! But only a little bit, not too much.
- Basically all of the effects are the same. Good for transferring projects!
- It saved the render settings I made from SV13, bless.
- Rendering is about 10% faster!
- Maybe I'm imagining it...but .avi seems to work a lot better. (Still has some music freezing with voiceovers, but I'm not getting it as often/no video freezing from it.)

- Some of the initial loading is pretty slow.
- It came with a bunch of NewBlue FX and other various effects, but when I tried to use them it had the watermark...Has some great stuff, so that's too bad.
- Resampling mode doesn't seem to save as an automatic. You can go there for every project and it works fine, which is still way better than every clip, but when you click the "Start all new projects with these settings" it doesn't work.
- Not too many cons because there's not too many changes.

Overall...I found it kind of overwhelming. I probably missed quite a few things because I don't do too much with effects or anything other than putting the clip in the track, etc.--someone who goes deeper into all that might find some other stuff.

So when the crack comes out, should you get it? You might want to consider it if you're at SV8-SV12. It's a great upgrade if you're under SV13, but from SV13 itself? It's so similar...I'm not sure if it's worth the struggle of transferring versions. It's a slightly better run, but it's so minimal. If you like formatting, go for it, but don't expect anything to be super different and/or better. I definitely wouldn't buy it if you're at SV13 (I was at SV11 so it was worth it for me, esp since I got SV13 as well...but if it was full price I never would have), but getting the crack depends on your personal tastes.

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