Ask @SunnySmile2413:

Do you care about analytics (views, likes, subscriber gain) or are you a "analytics who?" kinda vidder?

I find analytics really cool to explore. It's really interesting to see what countries my subscribers are from, how they watch my videos, what time they're online, etc. It always shocks me to see!

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what's ur opinion about shipwars and hate towards some videos?

most annoying comments you get?

1. "___ should've been in it." or "Where is ___?"
Okay, this is just stupid and it pisses me off. If it wasn't in the video, it means it was meant to not be in the video. Usually the blank is filled with some ship/fandom I don't watch, like, or have. So no, it's not going to be in the video.
2. Anything unrelated to the video.
It just REALLY annoys me when people use the comment section to say something to me. And when it's a collab or some preview, it's really offensive to people who are involved. For example, I was judging a friend's contest and I uploaded a preview to my channel and this one person just kept asking about a different contest I was hosting and my friend thought it meant no one cared about/liked her contest. Just stick to the theme of the video, and if you have something to say, how hard is it to message the person?
3. "Song?"
In every video, the song is in at least 2 places: In the video and in the description. If you don't notice that, then it tells me you didn't actually watch the video.

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Have you always edited 1080p video material?

There was a time I got clips purely just from YouTube and didn't know what dimensions were.
Those were dark, dark days.

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Zoé [SunnyVids]
As some of you may know, I bought a packaged deal for SV13 & SV14 a few months ago ($199 for both rather than the $599 each; it was pretty amazing). I've been using SV13, but last week I finally got the download for SV14 (just downloaded it recently, though). Since it's made by a new company and all, I figured that I should give out a little bit of an info collection on what's different and what to expect for when the crack comes out!
- Setup is similar, but more cartoon robot looking? I have a screenshot of it below! (Everything is in the same place as SV13, but some have different animations, like ! is now S, the composition mode is now a circle, and remove unused media no longer has the lightning bolt thing.)
- Velocity now goes up to 1,000%.
- Vignette now has it's own effect!
- Also has a few "Smart" effects that I'd avoid because it needs a different plugin to work correctly.
- Starburst is a thing now, but it's similar to Glint I guess.
- RESAMPLING MODE!!! You can now set the whole project to be Disable Resample rather than clicking every clip.
- The preview screen is a little faster! But only a little bit, not too much.
- Basically all of the effects are the same. Good for transferring projects!
- It saved the render settings I made from SV13, bless.
- Rendering is about 10% faster!
- Maybe I'm imagining it...but .avi seems to work a lot better. (Still has some music freezing with voiceovers, but I'm not getting it as often/no video freezing from it.)
- Some of the initial loading is pretty slow.
- It came with a bunch of NewBlue FX and other various effects, but when I tried to use them it had the watermark...Has some great stuff, so that's too bad.
- Resampling mode doesn't seem to save as an automatic. You can go there for every project and it works fine, which is still way better than every clip, but when you click the "Start all new projects with these settings" it doesn't work.
- Not too many cons because there's not too many changes.
Overall...I found it kind of overwhelming. I probably missed quite a few things because I don't do too much with effects or anything other than putting the clip in the track, etc.--someone who goes deeper into all that might find some other stuff.
So when the crack comes out, should you get it? You might want to consider it if you're at SV8-SV12. It's a great upgrade if you're under SV13, but from SV13 itself? It's so similar...I'm not sure if it's worth the struggle of transferring versions. It's a slightly better run, but it's so minimal. If you like formatting, go for it, but don't expect anything to be super different and/or better. I definitely wouldn't buy it if you're at SV13 (I was at SV11 so it was worth it for me, esp since I got SV13 as well...but if it was full price I never would have), but getting the crack depends on your personal tastes.

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What are you currently obsessed with?

Staring at Vegas but not actually editing anything.

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please take your vidding friends and leave YouTube!

If you're sending this to everyone on ask, and everyone is essentially friends with nearly everyone in the YT vidding seems that you'd be all alone, with no one to make you vids or to watch yours. 😂

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Name your favorite french snack!

I would say French Fries...but they're actually Belgian...the French stole them from us... #foreverbitter

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PAP of your current surroundings?

How did you get so popular?

It's mainly just luck, to be honest. I think the main thing that set me off was my 101 Reasons to Ship Stiles & Lydia. I still pretty much sucked back then (I mean, I was okay, but I have a lot to say about some of those olders videos). I was at around 500, and that got me up to 1k+.
When a video gets that popular, people start to notice you. Not only do you get subs from it, but people see your username and think, "Oh, that's the person who made this video." Which is both good and bad. It's awesome because it gets your name out there, but at the same time it kind of forever engraves that video into you. I struggled for a while to edit anything other than Teen Wolf, because over half my subs were from that fandom, and didn't watch anything else I made a video of. Over time, most of those people have unsubbed me, and replaced with only people who really love my videos.
Just be patient, and one day you'll get there too!

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post a selfie?

Old but ayyyy

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QOTD: (it's Monday and I'm feeling morbid af so) When you die, what should your headstone say?


Screens of a project you're working on?

I just switched to SV13 last night so we'll see how it turns out.

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Little Challenge if you might get bored someday: Create a new coloring on a black picture (so that you dont see what you're actually doing) and post a picture of the result on a 'real' clip where you can see what you created :D do you like it?

Celine Sardothien
As my colourings are kind of routine and I know automatically what will or won't look good, I decided to try some funky colours idk would work or not, and also made the extra step to mix the order of the steps and hope for the best. ;)
(Prepare...I'm posting them on scenes now...I'm quite curious what the outcome will be...)
...And Vegas closed...
Update. It turned out...interesting. Can't tell if it's good or bad interesting. It's like a nice red turned to pink, but adding in bright/neon cyan blue in places. Let me know what you think, I guess?

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this is first anon and not going to lie, I do want to collab because you have subs I like your editing but I want more subs too......

Well at least you're honest, ahaha.
But I'm going to put it this way: Collabs aren't very good for getting subs. Sure, they bring in some, BUT not too many. Think about it; a good portion of the people watching videos aren't actually fanvidders. They're not really going to care about collabs and all that. If they like the video, they're just going to subscribe where they watched the video. It's really only actually editors who will be like, "Oh, this is a cool collab, let me sub the partner." And even then, most people don't even read descriptions, let alone click the links in it. It helps if you have little subs to get you a bit recognized, but there are better things you can do if you really want subs that bad. (But I really want to stress here, vidding should be FUN, not a popularity contest.)
What collabs are really for is making friends. (Well, one-on-one/collab groups. Random collabs are more to vid a song or something, it's more just for the hell of it.) Every now and then I'll say yes to collab with someone, and all they do is get in parts and don't talk about anything except YouTube related stuff (usually asking for colourings and stuff), and I'm like, what's the point? I could make vids on my own, I do one-on-one collabs because I either want to affirm? a friendship (idk how to explain it, like show off "this is my awesome friend omg I love them"), or to start a friendship.
So, you can try to collab for subs's not going to do a whole lot. Try being genuine. Make some real friends. And DON'T be one of those people who messages me for stuff they want me to do but suddenly disappear when I say no or try to talk about something not-sub/resource related. As I said, talent and personality is more important than anything else.

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what do you think of people using overused songs?

Well, I'm just gonna start this off with saying that overused songs are overused for a reason, because they're awesome!
It's up to the editor what they want to edit, and it's up to the audience what they want to watch. If an editor loves a song, let them use it without criticizing them. If a watcher doesn't like that it's overused, they have the right to not watch it. It really shouldn't be as big of a deal as it is. Songs are songs. And like with the radio, you may hear the same song in vids quite often.
The only time I find the controversy of overused songs and truly justifiable is when everyone chooses the same song, and edits it in the same way (same song cut, similar colouring, similar scenes, similar editing style/effects), cause at that point, it's just copying.
Other than that, let people be people and do what they want.

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A sneak peak at what's to come...

Zoé [SunnyVids]
I will try to post it in about 3 hours, if the wifi lets me. If not, then in about 12 hours max. ;)

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she didnt choose you you feel sad? maybe you are not to good for that channel

I've had this sitting in my ask box for the better part of an hour, trying to decide how to answer this. And guess what? I've been talking to Char basically this entire time. Not because I wanted to know why I didn't get invited, but to laugh about all the asks you've been sending people about this shit.
She actually talked to a group of people, including me, about this before she officialized the members. I was busy at the time, but I did have a chance. Even if I hadn't been so busy, I probably would've said no (maybe; at the time I was so swamped that I thought I'd never edit again). I like editing my own videos. Plus, I wouldn't say that I'm original enough to be in a group like that. That's not a bad thing either, it just means that I like where I am and I wouldn't need a collab group to affirm that. So you do realize that some of these people you're sending messages to might have been invited, but said no? Because there were a few who did.
Now, onto the more obvious part. CHAR IS ENTITLED TO START A NEW COLLAB GROUP IF SHE WANTS. It's a mix of her favourite vidders and her friends. She obviously isn't going to invite people she doesn't know at all. Which is what I'm guessing you are. Someone who's offended because she didn't ask you, and probably because she isn't close enough to you...And I just find it very petty that you're going around and trying to put editors down because you're jealous.
And, how do you expect auditions to be any different? It probably would've been the exact same people, but add on lots of disappointed people that didn't get accepted because a collab group can't hold that many people.
Now, go back to your little hovel, be a decent person, and instead of being a jealous bitch who wants to try (emphasis on "try", since absolutely no one cares about your asks) to belittle Char just because she didn't "pick" you.

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are u single or taken?

I've been staring at my screen wondering what would motivate someone to ask this

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No offence, but why are you sending this to a bunch of people acting like you personally made it for them? If you made a video for someone, great, send it to them; but if you want views don't pretend like it's a present for people. Just say "it'd mean a lot if you watched my video!" instead.

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It happens.

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