Ask @SunnySmile2413:

hello. when are you going to live stream again? they're so fun

I want to do weekly streams on my tutorial channel, but January is a terrible month to start. I have to figure out what times I will be most busy with my new semester schedule, as well as the fact I'm going on like 3 trips. But for you I'll be sure to do one or two random ones on my main channel; I need a few more people to fill out the survey of best times anyway. :)

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are you hard on yourself when it comes to your videos? i think i am too hard on myself because i think too much. nothing i do is ever good enough... what are your vidding processes? i also think i think too hard and try to fit scenes in the perfect place instead of just going for it i stress a lot..

It depends on the style, I guess. I can be quite hard on myself when I have a specific video in mind and it doesn't turn out like that, even if it's still pretty good. I think the key is to go into the video with low expectations and let yourself be surprised!

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Where do you download Merlin scenes from or any specific channel? I tend to use YT a lot, but I can't find a lot of the scenes or they just aren't in good quality. I make edits on my phone, Tho I'm hopefully going to try to do it on my computer soon. You really are Amazing and very talented!❤️

I ripped the Bluray DVDs myself; it's not available anywhere on the Internet as far as I know.

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