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What is the one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got?

I wanted a lot huge diamonds, my best friend to be my sister and the most - the ability to fly.
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Heeey !:) Can you like my answers pleeassse ? :)xx

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Barbara Palvin?
You are absolutely fake if you ask for likes! I agreed to like some of that polish boy's answers, but my ask.fm account isn't about to like people's answers only because they asked me. I like what I really like. So, I agreed once, but if I keep doing it, everybody's going to ask me to like some of their answers. Sorry.
Go find a page about likes, questions etc... :) :)

How many games do you have on your phone?

I had 3, but I deleted one of them today, cuz it was annoying :/ now I have subway surfers (in Miami) and where's my water :3
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pizza or mcdonald's? one direction or justin bieber? selena gomez or miley cyrus? ice cream or chocolate? black or white? summer or winter? music or tumblr? youtube or vbox? lipstick or eyeliner?

Pizza or McDonald's --- I like both, but I'm kinda so fickle/fastidious about pizzas, so I rather McDonald's.
One Direction or Justin Bieber --- Nooo.. difficult question idk actually. :( I think I'll choose Justin....
Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus --- Difficult again!... I ADORE both, buuuuut Miley... i think :D
Ice Cream or Chocolate --- Chocolate.
Black or White --- You mean color? BLACK, OF COURSE.
Summer or Winter --- Ok, this is a stupid question, really. I like both. But these fashionable oversized sweaters at winter make me look fat :(
Music or Tumblr --- No matter how much I love tumblr, it doesn't saves my soul. lol. Music does.
YouTube or Vbox7 --- Youtube, of course. :)
Lipstick or Eyeliner --- I use lipstick or eyeliner very seldom/thinly.. like only 10 times per year lol. :D I use foundation/basis almost every day, because of my puberty (I hate my blemishes). Whatever this became a little bit personally.. hm :D I choose eyeliner. I don't really like lipstick and I have never wear lipstick publicly. D:

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what do you think of miley

I'M A SMILER! And I'll always be!
Miley changed so much in 2013 and I think everybody accustomed with that, finally. At the beginning of her changes I didn't like her. I was clearly about it. I still don't really like her behavior on stage, but I didn't stopped loving her character, her songs and her exterior anyway! She's fucking free now, she doesn't care and she does what she wants!
''Who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you’re the shit?'' - Miley Cyrus. ;)
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will you upload your new video soon

Nah.. I lost inspiration again! D: so sorry guys.. I don't have any idea what will happen with this video, actually. To edit is not the same anymore to me ... :( Also if I stay an editor, MAYBE (only maybe) I'll change my account in Youtube. I'll leave this one, and I'll make another.
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fav editors under 1000 subs?

calabrianxheart, xkeepondreamingx1, xWorldxMinex
they all are so creative and deserve more than 1000 subs! :) <3
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Защо " категорично не " ;д ?

Не знам.. не искам да съм известна. Не бих искала да се снимам дори в реклама за бисквити давана по неизвестна телевизия, камо ли да се кача на сцена. Свикнала съм си да съм ''момичето, което никой не познава'' или ''момичето, което не обелва и дума''...
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Какво мислиш за мен ? ;д

Ами.. до колкото си писах с теб, си забавна, добра, имаш хубаво име, тъмблър, правиш хубави клипове и ми харесва вкуса ти за музика. с: <3
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What does the life you want to live look like?

I love my life! I wouldn't like to replace it, even if I had the chance. But of course I'd like to improve it with more luck, love and happiness. I'd like to be in junior high school forever... :( And I know I'll miss these years for the rest of my life ..
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