Ask @SuperGirlLycia:

How do i gain confidence?

Self confidence is something I believe every person needs to have in order to survive in this world today. First off you have got to constantly always tell yourself that you have confidence in yourself no matter what it is. What you speak comes to life, so if you want confidence say it. Then act on it, always go around building yourself up. Most importantly you have to love yourself always no matter what the problems you may have with yourself, love it. Love your weight, height, skin tone, hands, feet, hair, eyes, everything about you is beautiful no matter what anyone says and I mean ANYONE. You are the only one who can provide you with self confidence, but you must constantly feel the self confidence and before you know it, it's there and others will see that confidence in you and love it. It all starts off with you though good luck.

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How do you feel about XxxTentacion's death?

if u didn’t like x that’s fine and ur entitled to ur opinion, but making straight up disrespectful/distasteful jokes about his murder is fckd up and I don’t think it’s funny at all....ever since I found out my mind has been in a dark place...although I didn’t support his past actions, his music genuinely helped me through some extremely difficult times in my life. not everyone will understand and that’s ok.

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