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like what could I say if she askes? I'm not a very opened person.. Its hard to get thing out of me.. and like what could i say? :/

Coucilling is quite easy, you literally have someone there who listens to everything and doesnt judge you. You cant plan what to say, it will come from the heart on the day :-) x

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Hello.. I felt sucidal and my school found out and they told my counceller, im going there Thursday again and i have been like it again for almost all week now, what should I do? :/

Speak to your councillor, there is something inside of you which is triggering these thoughts inside you. It is such a horrible feeling to have, but baby, remember how many love you, you are beautiful and so strong, do NOT let these thoughts bring you down, you can overcome these. x

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Your page on facebook actually promotes self harm, abuse etc. you know? I never thought of harming myself or throwing up as an answer till i stumbled on to your page, and guess what, it made my life hell.

It's not my page.. Im not admin on there anymore and Im so sorry that the page made you feel like that, they should in no way promote you to harm yourself, you are worth so much more than that -Meg

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hey, is charlie an admin again :)

Jules kicked me off being an admin so I dont know.. -Meg

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Hey, is it bad to be depressed and harming a little

it isnt bad to be depressed, but you deserve to be happy, do you know what has caused you to feel like this??x

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Hey there, we are a relationship advice page although we help with everything really! Could you please share our page? thanks :)

YM Advice
follow them xx

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hey this is a new advice page could you please share it

Follow them!

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u guys need to be activate more often people send u these like long time and u reply now? by the time u reply someone could have ended there life . just saying .

I'm the only one on this page now and I've had exams for ages and they only finish tomorrow then I will be more active on this, I try my best. -meg

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fak the world !


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Goodbye, I can't take it anymore the fighting every night my life falling apart goodbye

what fighting? talk to me sweetie. x

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I haven't done this for a while so if any of you need help, i'm here to help! I'll try my best to help with any problems, anyone at all, don't be scared to ask! :-) If you could share my page, that would be greatly appreciated, thank you!xx

Support for you❤️

im starting to question why im even here...

you were born for a purpose, and you have a reason in life, maybe you havent found it yet but trust me it will come soon! Stay strong for now. xx

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I dont think i can do this any longer yeah i have my girlfriend but when she has tried killing herself around you because she wants me happy thinking ill be happier without her hurts...

neither of you are thinking straight, life together with each other will be amazing think of all the amazon opportunities that you could both face together, allt the excitement, happy moments but also sad ones, but being with each other through everything that's what is so special x

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(c) and I don't really know if this is what you guys deal with. I just feel like I can't do it without them, I can't do anything without them, they always gave me advice and now I feel like I'm alone, pushed out into the world by myself. I honestly don't know what to do:C

christmas is so hard without the loved ones around you, but they would want you to carry on with your life and to remember them and all the good memories that you shared together! You are not alone, you just feel alone. You have loads of people surrounding you and there for you, and dont be afraid to seak to them when you need a shoulder to cry on. Things do get slightly easier but the pain that they have left you with will remain, but that is what happens to everyone, including me. But you smile for them and make them proud, they will always be looking over you. -Meg x

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We are here to try and help you with any problems that you may have, such as depression, family and friends, school life, anything that may be troubling you, we are to help you. Please don't be scared to ask! We are here to help! Love from Bry, Pippa, Owen, Jake and Jackie. <3

Advice And Teen Support
guys follow them!<3

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Girl.... I'll just message you on Facebook.... then you'll remember, but its almost the new year and I just wanted to apologize because I know how you felt and I am truly sorry and I got help like you told me to.

Like months ago...

girl/boy? initials?

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We aren't friends on Facebook anymore, not after everything that happened....don't you remember? I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

i can't think of who this is, when did we last talk:( stop apologising!

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No, you don't understand.... I truly am sorry...I got help like you told me to.

i really dont understand? pop up and tell me?

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You should know, its been months since everything has happened and its almost 2014 and I just wanted to apologize for everything, what I did was wrong. I've gotten help since then and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything.

no-one has done anything wrong to me, whatever you have done you don't have to be sorry to me for anything. you need to do this for YOU, and no-one else but you. Smile, have a great christmas and look to the new year!<3 -meg

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Yeah..... umm, you too.

thank you. :) -meg

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Meg, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

why are you sorry? :) -meg

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okay, have a great christmas. -meg

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Recently I had a friend kill himself. I'm trying to cope with it but the other day I saw his girlfriend and she's 6 months pregnant with his baby, how does she go on as a mother? As a student? And as a 17 year old girl? His death caused alot of grief I just want to know is there a way to cope?

She has no choice but to cope, because she isnt coping for herself but for her little baby that is inside her, it is the only thing she has left of her boyfriend and that baby will grow up to know what an amazing dad they had. To cope you have to allow yourself to grieve. Stay strong. -meg<3

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That was from like 1-2 days ago....

sorry i had a lot on, im back on here now though, do you need any help or advice?

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