Ask @Surge753:

Do you only pick questions that you think are either interesting or stupid, or is it more complicated than that? I mean, with all these questions there's gotta be a line somewhere.

Olivier Poirier
Generally speaking I don't respond to "loaded" questions where the goal is clearly to goad a certain response out of me, I also tend to avoid questions that I just simply don't have a concrete answer for, some things are very abstract and grey from my perspective so a definitive answer is very hard to provide.

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if someone made a fully functional indeapth and decent quality Surge Dating sim (with the artstyle Rukii posted on the forum), would you buy it? if it is free, would you play it? would you play it through a few times fro the different endings? or would you burn the developer alive?

no. maybe. probably. invariably.

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Congratulations! You're the lucky recipient of one of Wonka's 5 Golden Tickets! Now...who would you take with you, or how much would you sell it for?

shit man I'm 19, I don't have to take anyone with me. especially when I have to choose between younger relatives who'll be insufferable and older relatives who'll just be confused and make me explain everything.

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