Ask @Surge753:

Okay, so. With every chesspiece, name someone from the forums who you think would fit the piece. So that'd be: One king, one queen, two knights, two rooks, two bishops, and 8 pawns

shadow and reks definitely get king and queen respectively, they are just too well known not to, zel and jet get bishops because they are just shy of qualifying for king and queen, surge and deneb probably get the knight positions because guns and stuffz, and then intrebute and bee get rooks because they are still well known enough to not deserve being sentenced to pawn status (sorry alpha), alpha, aware, mourne and pretty much everyone else would be pawns because there is no room left anywhere else.

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if someone made a fully functional indeapth and decent quality Surge Dating sim (with the artstyle Rukii posted on the forum), would you buy it? if it is free, would you play it? would you play it through a few times fro the different endings? or would you burn the developer alive?

no. maybe. probably. invariably.

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