Ask @Surge753:

What is your brutal, honest opinion of me?

Mark. A. R.
you've a somewhat narrow view of the community around you and are stubborn enough to stand by the misguided opinions that view causes you to form.
To elaborate while I respect that you seem to care enough about the Nexus to hate me for being what you consider a toxic influence on the community I also think that you are obviously looking at my relationship with the community wrong to reach this belief. So I can generally excuse your otherwise unwarranted hostility as being your own way of trying to contribute to the community. However outside of your apparent concern for the "toxic" influence I have on the community you are quite frankly insufferable, your posting habits never seem to extend beyond "FLUFFY THINGS" and "FUCK YOU, FLUFFY THINGS!" which is shitposting to the extreme.
Also possible I've read your motivations for this apparent vendetta against me all wrong.

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You're now fighting a giant, mutant version of the last animal you touched. Your weapons and powers are the same as the last character you used in whatever game you last played. How well did you do?

uhhhh I'm fighting a giant mutant version of my cat with limited flight abilities, a lever action rifle, and a handheld variant of the same gun....OH and I have a sort of energy sword/shield combo...

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