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Surya, where are you, waiting for you at IMAX

Sorry, my flight was late. Leave me a personal message on Facebook and we will plan the movie. :)

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ur favourite book?

Never read a book properly. I love to read, but am not able to make time for them.

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Do u plan things or just do them? If u plan then how do u do?

I just do. I don't have a specified plan. Only a rough idea maybe.

But I write down things I complete clearly if it is a big project, so that I have an idea of what to do next.

You can have a look at the following documents to see my work timeline for my internships.

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Which development board one should buy arduino or raspberry pi or avr?

Each one has it's pro and cons. I'd prefer Arduino. But it completely depends on what you want to do with it.

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What advice do you have for your junior who has just completed first year of engineering from ECE and wants to build a profile even half as good as yours..??

Electronics is very interesting. It feels fantastic when you surprise people with your electronics project and they are like, "How did you do this?!?" There is sometime that flows in your heart (and doesn't let you sleep) when you are doing something that directly affects people's lives. For example, you can make a TV remote using a microcontroller, you can automate all you home appliances with an old TV remote. Once, you start doing projects like this, it is really hard to get off. You can have a look at my YouTube channel for a rough idea of what you can do with electronics.

I'd suggest you to have that anxiety and work on wonderful projects and blow people's minds off. :)

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Do you know that there is a thing called "free time"? You motivate me to forget mine also!!!!

Thanks, makes me feel good. I'm glad I'm of help to you. :)
But to be frank, I waste a lot of time- and I give myself stupid excuses which is clearly not good. Trying to get over this.

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"Why should i hire you?" What's your answer for that question during interview?

Haven't thought of it. I would prefer to build a company or make a job of my own. However, let me try to answer that now. I would say-
I will work without pressure. I am a self learner. I like working on my English. I am confident in what I do. I can document my work very clearly. I am a team player. I work my ass off if I find it interesting. I hardly sleep when I find good projects.
It's not only that I am saying these things, I can justify each of the above points if you open my website.

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For what things do u use Internet? Give us few important links which would help

I use internet for my project/internship work, doing online courses, updating my website, talking to friends, watching motivational videos, watching series like Suits.

Links that could help-
1. For online courses. (,
2. For learning web development. (
3. Google is of course your best friend.

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Suppose after some years, if you fell in love with a girl , then How will you propose her? (every time you are trying to escape from the matters which involve the words like "GIRL", "CRUSH" & "LOVE". But atleast this time, i'm expecting proper answer from you). :P

Haha, do you seriously expect me to have an answer for that now? I don't know. It totally depends on what I feel at that time, and what makes her feel good.
Btw, I'd love to know who you are. Leave me a message on fb. :P

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what is the one advice u would giv to ur closest frnds?

Be happy, enjoy life. :)

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Pick out three girls in college. And one good quality about each.

Fatima - Sweet.
Srinija - Trustworthy.
Kalyani - Friendly.

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relationship status?? if not single ..... give a hint abt her???

Lol. Single.

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Who is the one guy/girl you admire in college?

I admire qualities in people, not the person as a whole.
At NIT Warangal, I admire the way Nikhil can grasp concepts insanely quick. I admire Manoj for his simplicity and the way he thinks. I admire the way Abhiram speaks. I admire how Vinod Srinivasan works with patience. I admire Vaibhav's knowledge in web development. I admire the way Vinod Gupta plays cricket, maintaining a good academic score.
That's all I can think of now.

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Do you have a crush in college?


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Who is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen? :P

Ah, difficult question. There are so many beautiful girls. It is really hard to pick only one of them.

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Howz ur research internship going?

Thanks for reaching out. It is going pretty well. Getting more interesting. And it's always a wonderful experience to discuss ideas with an assortment of people. I have only 4 more weeks, so I am trying hard to get something published within the limited time.

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can u post links of some motivational videos

i asked you something in facebook, the message will be in "other" folder, care to reply ?

Oh! I never check the "order" folder. Thanks for reminding. I replied to all the messages in my other folder. :)

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Will you return to India after post graduation or will you set yourself as an another example of brain drain?

I don't know yet.

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How often do you tell lies?

Certainly not often. I don't remember the last time I lied.

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Which feel gives you utmost satisfaction?

The feel that all exams are complete and I'm free to work on what I love. Tomorrow is my last exam. :)

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What, in your sense, is real happiness?

Surrounding myself with wonderful people. Working on what I love without any pressure.

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Do you believe in God? If yes, to what extent?

No, I don't. But I do goto temples occasionally for peace.

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Ur very inspiring...!!

Thanks a million! Means a lot. :)

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Hey how do you keep your self motivated?

I'm not always motivated. My mood keeps going up and down very frequently. I watch motivational videos normally, sleep when I'm down. I think I've answered a similar question already. Please look into it.

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