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what do you think about having the option of 1handers all sheathed on back, or at least the option as coding is there for monks? --@Soushammy

You bet. Visual customization is one of the big areas where WoW shows its age; despite the introduction (and expansion) of transmog, the racial overhaul for Warlords, the constant addition of skins new and old, and the growing number of ways to obtain alternate looks (Darkmoon Faire, garrison Dwarven bunker, etc.), WoW lags well behind many of its MMO peers in terms of the options we have at our disposal to tweak our characters' appearances.
I wanna note that I realize it's probably a pretty massive feat to add a whole class' worth of sheathed-weapon visuals to a game like WoW. Old code, tons of old weapon models, a growing number of races, and much, much more to the process itself than simply painting the weapon on the back of a player's armor.
That said, you're talking to the dude who's been transmogging his Assassination daggers into Twinblade of the Hakkari for *years* now. So I'd certainly love the option to sheath all one-handers on my back.

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If you could make one race unable to be a rogue while making another race able to select the class, what would you pick?

Eliot Lefebvre
Oooh, false choices with no clear purpose or value! Love it. Let's do more of these.
Putting aside that I feel pretty strongly that all classes should be playable by all races, in a fantasy world in which, for the good of real-life humanity, a non-hooved roguely race must be sacrificed so that a hooved one may exist upon the Azerothian plane, I would trade blood elves for tauren. Blood elves are all thin and pretty and haughty, much like far too many people in the city where I live (Hoboken, NJ), so this is the best way I can think of to resolve my resentment issues on that front. Draenei vs. tauren is a tough dilemma, but I side with the four-legged ungulate in the spirit of factional egalitarianism and based on the likelihood that their stealth animation would be the most hilarious.

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How does someone become a good theorycrafter?

If I were one, I'd be in a better position to answer this question. :)
There are a few neat recent-ish posts I can recall that provide great starting points for people interested in theorycrafting:
-- Arielle's blog post from a couple of years ago:
-- Fierydemise (one of my Ravenholdt cohorts) more recently:
-- Haileaus (also of Ravenholdtian ilk) wrote a neat retrospective-ish piece not long ago that can also offer insight into the rise and fall of TC's popularity:
Also, I just Googled "so you want to be a theorycrafter" because it resonated in my brain, and seeing the results that came up, now I understand why: Turns out I wrote something for WoW Insider about it. :)
Generally speaking, though, in my experience becoming a good theorycrafter is as much as anything about adopting a specific state of mind -- one of unrelenting rigorousness and a lack of presumption. It's about curiosity, and it's about ensuring that no proverbial stone is left unturned in the effort to sate that curiosity. It's about research, and analytical thought, and a tremendous amount of attention to detail. It's about never assuming you're right.
Plus there's a fair amount of math. :) But if you have all of the above, even if you think you're no good at math, the rest can fall into place. The mindset is most important.

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