Ask @Swalesyy:

Opinion on the new Green Day album?

Well, I think @ChrisRoyle Summed it up perfectly when he said, "THE BOYS ARE BACK!!"
I listened to the full thing on Friday Night before I went to bed and my god IT'S BEAUTIFUL.
My Favourite songs on it atm (in no order) are: 'Say Goodbye', 'Bang Bang', 'Still Breathing', 'Revolution Radio', 'Troubled Times' & 'Outlaws'.
I Can't wait to see them Live now, FEBRUARY NEEDS TO HURRY UP!! :D

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Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?

Video Editing for sure!
Put it this way, a four minute video usually takes me about 2+ hours to edit, so when I'm working on a sketch with lots of cut-aways or a 10 minute vlog or something, I can be editing for like 5 hours straight! ..I forget to eat half of the time o.o
I should probably take breaks..

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