Ask @SwampyGreenie:

What's the rudest thing anyone ever said to you?

Funny you ask that. I was just thinking about this a minute ago.
One time I was really sick and was with my niece because I wouldnt get another chance to see her for another couple of months. After I had left, aparently like a week later she got sick. Then apparently my niece got my brother's girlfriend sick.
My brother gf doesn't like me much and so I got a text later that day that said "Thank you for spreading all your fucking germs the flu is making it's rounds. You need to be less selfish. You sweep through and leave all your b.s. behind."
Pretty rude, if you ask me.
I don't think I've ever had anyone as rude as her speak to me where their anger was directed at me personally.
And to make matters worse the only reason I was able to see my niece in the first place was because I was in town for a few days to spread my father's brother's gf knew this and still had the audacity to send me something so rude and inconsiderate....

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