Ask @SweeTuFaKi:

Insect sprays se mujhe masla hota hai 😂😂😂 so i dont have any. Ghar me bhi jab bhi koi spray krta hai me doosray konay me hota hoo. And insects are like my friends. Especially mosquitoes. We play hi fi all the time. And their bites dont have much affect on me :)

i am allergic to fumes. like highly but when it comes to insects idcc i would rather die and ew @u

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What can totally impress you?

Tonight while I was alseep a guy( i barely know) sent me a song and said that he loved that song and wanted to share it with someone and i was the only one in his contact list he felt like sharing with cuz no one of his friends like his music taste. I think we all need to stop being assholes about little things and be more appreciative when someone shows us something close to their heart so everyone can be their real selves around us not the pretentious kewl kids people want them to be. :)

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