Ask @SweeTuFaKi:

Are you afraid of falling in love?

This one time i dropped all of my things from my bag infront of the uni cafe and there were so many people around and my anxiety was on PEAK and this guy and girl prolly saw me shaking and came to help me pick up my stuff and i was like "Oh no its okay i can do it" and they were no no its not okay don't feel embarrassed and that is the NICEST thing someone's ever done for me ever. Please be nice to people who look anxious in public it would mean so much to them and reduce their anxiety soooo much. ❤️

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Hey Rameen, i have released my first original song. Please listen it and share your honest opinions. Your support will help me grow❤

I usually don't listen to these promotions but i actually really loved your voice/guitar andddd you sound like the guy who sang Heartbreaker/Peachy the band. Everyone listen to him ❤️ i hope you blow up stranger also please teach me guitar aksjdhd

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