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What's your preference: sci-fi that's more "character-centri"c (ie, about how individuals react in a certain situation with a sci-fi twist) or more "conceptual" stuff that focuses more on the situation itself and it's wider affects, on maybe lots of people etc

A bit of both, for example: I love Mass Effect as it has that Grand Space Opera style whilst looking at wide, contemporary issues (such a race, sexuality, war etc.) however, the game itself is very character centric and for the best part of the series all choices you make effect everyone in some way.

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Sounds pretty professionally thought out! Can't you do some of the voices? I bet you do some great voices :-D

I hope to play one of the main characters, Matthew
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Have you ever played a game you found yourself unable to complete? And why, besides not having time lol

The Last of Us, The Witcher 2, Brink, Homefront; plenty of games I couldn't finish because they were either bad, boring, uninteresting or hard
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What's brought about your new interest in natural history? What are you finding fascinating? :-)

Well I've always liked watching docs on animals, how the world was formed, how bacteria survived etc. an watching my Planet Earth DVDs has just surged it even more. I guess it's silly facts like how Dolphins in shallow waters off the coast of Florida will smack their fins against the sea bed to create dust cloud in the water and causing the fish to panic and split- thus allowing dolphins to feast easier.
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Games companies should focus on making great games that people enjoy. Do you feel ethically questionable tactics like rigging the app store ratings, relentless profiteering in the form of IAPs, oppressive DRM etc is justifiable simply because it keeps the lights on in the cubicle farms?

Yes. I admit they do need to please gamers but they need to make 1) money 2) a game that pleases the client. Surprisingly, you have a magical thing called Choice where you can CHOOSE not to buy into it and/or play
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If you had to recommend 3 albums you've discovered from this year to someone looking to expend their musical horizons, what would they be?

Erm, Arcade Fire's "Reflktor", Abdominal and The Obliques (can't remember album but search it) aaand Cage the Elephant's "Melophobia"
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What if Santa brings you a PS4? #MajorDisappointment ;-D

Actually it wouldn't be, I'd be very happy and grateful :p


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