Ask @SyazwaniSaiful:

If you could have anything right now, what would it be?

a holiday. i need a break from all this that im gg through right now. im tired of facing all this problem that i have to face right now. only god knows whut im gg through right now. hais. so ya, a holiday will be a perfect one for me to relax my mind and take a break from all this shits that im gg through right now.

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What was the hardest thing you have to face?

when something personal happens to me back then and when i lost one of my loved ones and is happen at the same year but just different month. back then i was still a kid, doesn't know really much but i can differentiate which one is right and wrong. and i was really a quiet and very introvert person and i always keep things to myself unless i feel like want to share it with others. it was hard at that time cos i don't even want to come to school because i face some issues at school and im scared to go to school until i have to meet the counsellor and such. ummm that's all i could share. and thanks for asking this question tho. idk whether i really answered ur question or not.

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