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What is the best place to hide things from others?

Your porn stash.
No shit, just make a folder called "2girls1cup anniversary edition and directors cut"
Nobody wants to see that shit or ever click on that folder trust me.
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Which is the most underrated job?

I'd have to say artists, more specifically, painters.
They end up spending so much time and devoting so much meticulous detail to something the public may or may not give a passing glance to.
Liked by: Rosheen. Evil Genius

What you miss the most from your childhood?

Playing RPGs on a genesis emulator on the matter-of-pride 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 I had.
Liked by: neha

Black looks good on everyone usually and you're probably going to look great as well.

With that knowledge, I'll leave for the occasional glass of water. Thanks.
Liked by: Rameesha Rai

Damn! I feel so sorry! No really! :P I remembered you called me a "girl who doesn't shave" (whoops! Hang in there) so I was gonna destroy you but your stupid girlfriend came in the way! So chill Homie! I'll shave while you keep trying with all those hair tonics. Bye dude. (y)

Abraz_’s Profile PhotoAbulfazl Razvi
'I was gonna destroy you' thank you for sparing me from your keyboard skills.
And she's not my girlfriend. As for stupid, just be glad you didn't say it in front of my face. Bye dudette.

Imagine that world stands still for 24 hours, you are the only one able to move. What would you do?

Try going to sleep because that probably means no internet either.
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How to raise your self-confidence?

Acknowledge that everyone you're afraid of as well as yourself is just a carbon based bag of water living on a spec of dust floating in the middle of nowhere and you're good to go.


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