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There's a difference between just plain s***ting n detailed role-play. Ager kerna b hey to I hope ppl understand this

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Social media is destroying some of y’all. Nobody is jealous of you. Nobody cares about you. To be honest, most people barely have time to care about themselves. People heart your pics and forget about it. One second later something else catches their attention. The delusions are out of control at this point.

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Why boys are like at first voh Apky peechy honge jese aap unko time attention Dena shuru krty ho voh side py hojaty😂 they take you for granted

maryamfayyaz8’s Profile PhotoMaryam Fayyaz
Learn to be the giver. Give without consent. Or be a small minded crying emoji your whole life crying Infront of different people lol.
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You look great today 🌼

Girls these days are so shitty. Shitter than bois so you can imagine what kind of shit they doin.

Ask used to be so good. We used to come here, rant to strangers, talk to few good people and leave. Now people don't keep the convo going. They leave in between good conversation.

Ain't that true my love.

Me paida hi hot howi thi isme Meri kia galti 😒

Insan Ka tapman hi hot hota hai ap koi new makhlook nahi, Beth jaiye baraye mehrbani. Itna uchalna koodna band kijiye.
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