Ask @SyedZaland:

Can you go from someone you love?

Someone come to me and tell me
How is it one falls in love?
Why, when someone smiles at one
One returns the smile...
Last night to the mountain top
Softly spoke, the evening’s star.
Love with tears spoke
Beauty, in loud laughter spoke..
And to me in smiling eyes
My beloved gently- spoke..
Why does one surrender’s heart?
How is it one falls in love.
Why, when someone smiles at one
One returns the smile...

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I guess we needed a break. Didn’t we? A break from this tiresome world. A break from all the sins that we used to commit. No doubt, It is through solitude that Allah is found. We were running. No one knew where, but everyone was running. Although this break shouldn’t have been like this, but what were we expecting? How hypocrites are we. Name a single sin that is not committed today? Zina, Drinking, usury, stealing, lying, with holding the Zakah, degrading other’s.... How many of us have prayed Fajr’s prayer today? The Obligatory prayer’s , let alone reading Quran and Hadees and Fiqha, and following the sunnah and reading about Islam. Where are we heading? All we do is make memes and laugh, is this why we were sent to this world? I mean is this what we should be doing? It is the perfect time to reflect upon ourselves, change ourselves, or i guess, these things will keep happening.

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What do u prefer in reading ?

Quran Majeed with Translation, other than that I love to read poetry and philosophy from religious and nationalist point of views. Iblees ki majlis e shoora by Allama Iqbal , divine and mystical poetry of Ghani khan. I love to listen to Habib Jalib's Pro Democratic poetry. Wali khan's exemplary nationalist views. And Dr Israr's views about Islam and its preaching. Rahman Baba's devotional poetry. I love to read about Bacha khan's non violent movement and khudai khidmatgars role in the liberation and freedom of subcontinent. History of the Ottoman's. And obviously love to read about the life of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W and the caliphs after him.

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How do you respond to criticism? 💯

I took 3 classes of EU law and 3 Of Human Rights, in the whole session. And i get a credit in it. If only i had taken a few more classes! xD imagine scoring 55 while attending only 3 classes while the paper is checked in London, damn. xD Anyway Alhamdulillah i have cleared my 2nd Year LLB from university of London! :’)

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