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it's a fade in play on a super low speed-mod; at the time of the play, Mooncha actually had roughly half of the PP they had now, and I refuse to believe they got good enough to coherently play that chart.

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Is the #1 now on singularity legit?

nope, and yet for some reason it's still there

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Any advice for someone trying to improve, but has to deal with a tight schedule? I can hardly find time to play these days, and usually when I do, I'm just exhausted and can't focus.

Figure out exactly what it is that you're weak on and train on it. Don't just arbitrarily play things in hopes that you will improve. I'll go through stints of not playing for a month and still improve because I know what I need to work on.

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Does it surprise you that jhlee is #1 again? Also what do you think of DT being implemented in mania?

I'm not surprised he's #1 again.

The current implementation of DT is complete fucking garbage and needs to be removed and reworked.

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How fucked is osu mania right now and how to unfuck it?

osu!mania is down the shitter with DT PP. Removing that and fixing SR is a start so that people don't just play maps that abuse the shit out of PP.

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Do you think changing your hitposition and offset daily in order to get a better accuracy would hurt more than help? Would it affect your consistency or something like that?

I don't think you should change your hitposition/offset DAILY - I think it's something you should test and get a feel for how it works, and basically figure out what is the most comfortable for you, and then leave it where it is, changing song offsets as needed.

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What is your blood type?

What is -your- blood type?

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is it disadvantageous to play without mini, a high receptor, and high cmod? I see many top players utilize all three while I sit here with -125 receptor height, c725, and no mini. i'm d6 and i'm playing fine with this but will this give me trouble down the line?

You use whatever works well for you. Players have various reasons for doing what they do. I used to play with overhead, C750, and no receptor placement/height change at all. Now I use 40% mini and C1075.

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Congrats on your first qualified beatmaps! Do you plan to rank more maps in the future?

I've got a map ranked now, and yeah, I do plan on ranking more in the future. We Met Dat Night is likely next to get ranked; I just need to get off of my ass and find good hitsounds.

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is there a point for the game to be more than 60fps if my monitor is only 60hz? I got the custom build for stepmania that gives me thousands of fps but I don't get the point as to why I need that much. what does having more than 60fps do other than strain my system?

Higher framerates, if your computer can handle it, serve as a lag deterrent. Think about it mathematically: if you get a one frame lag spike with a 120 FPS cap, then that lag spike is 1/120 of one second (8.333ms, which is HALF of the rainbow 300 window). If you get a one frame lag spike with a 240 FPS cap, then that lag spike is 1/240 of one second (4.666ms, half of the previously mentioned duration). This is why it's typically recommended to play on unlimited frames; you want to get as high of a framerate as you can to potentially reduce/eliminate spikes that you could see at higher framerates.

That's how I see it, anyway.

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How to play Kamui? Those trills and long notes are so hard to play.

Practice finger independence for the ending. Everything else just requires some LN prowess.

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is it possible to get used to improper timing? for instance I play with 0 offset for long time but when I do offset test it says I should use around +15. when I do my timing is worse. should I just stick with 0 since i'm used to it even if it's wrong?

It's not recommended to get used to timing that is improper, because creates a habit where you should be hitting in a way that you shouldn't. If you're trying to improve your overall timing, you should find a way to play songs that isn't causing you to deliberately hit extremely early or late.

I differ in this compared to other osu!mania players: but stop using hitsounds.

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any tips for syncing piano songs?

Use an editor like DDream Studio or Arrow Voltex. DDream Studio is better for songs that are ungodly variant (I charted a Jordan Rudess piano solo in DDream).

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Do you like Bemani games? If so, which one is your favorite? (Pop n music, jubeat, reflec beat, etc...)

Pop'n is definitely my favorite of the bunch, though if I had more regular access to DrumMania, I would learn it.

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I recently tried some endurance training maps to expose myself on jumpstream maps. I notice that my accuracy is dropping when there is a pattern like repeating [1,4] [2,3] or repeating [1,3] [2,4]. Any tips that you can give me? I find it hard to shift from jumpstream to those patterns.

Jumpstreaming patterns that are heavy with two-handed patterns (split-handed jumpstreaming) take a lot of practice. You'll want to work on your one-handed trilling ability - if you can develop a capability to handle one-handed trills, you'll be able to work through the split up patterns as sets of one-handed trilling. As time goes on, you'll be able to see things per-finger and it'll give you the capability of handling extremely dense jumpstreams/handstreams that occasionally create forced mini-jacks.

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It has been around 1 year since 0133 was held in suspicion for cheating on SM. But the controversy continues to this day - I continuously saw in reddit or some of gamers' stream. One of them said to me that he even cheated in osu!mania. As a pro rhythm gamer, how do you think about that?

I've told jhlee0133 to his face, on IRC, that I personally didn't believe his Cyber Induction 1.5 AA that he got on StepMania. Part of me wonders if there's still something going on that we can't see, but I legitimately cannot be bothered to care anymore about drama between jhlee and other high-profile StepMania players.

He likely can do those kinds of things now, but it doesn't change my suspicions from before. And there are other things that I find fishy, but I don't really care to elaborate.

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How's your LN skill now? Do you play LN maps at casual times(non competition)?

My LN skill is average to above average. Since the introduction of score v2 as a mod in the Cutting Edge builds of osu!, I've been practicing it quite a bit more.

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recently, i found out that my reading with hidden is a lot better than nomod. But my timing is worse. I keep getting 200s and my marv:perf ratio is getting worse. Do you think that i should just change to full time playing hidden or make it 50/50 between both of them?

Alif Akmal

Do whatever works for you and optimize your play. If you feel that your reading is better with hidden, then figure out why your accuracy is being impeded.

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Happy new year :D


Thank you!

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What about dossar? I've heard that someone said he is the best 4k player.I mean his amazing scores have done so many years ago . Especially AAMegalith u know. But I wonder if he is still playing? Or his skill level have been chased or not? Or even if he's good at all types of stream?

Dossar's retired from keyboard play. He's certainly not the best anymore, but he was leagues ahead of just about everyone when he was active. And yes, of course, I know the Megalith AA -- I was there and the one taking the video when it happened. He's been passed by a lot of people now, I think.

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Why EtienneXC left osu! mania?

He's not really interested in the game.

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Is there any way to get good Stepmania converts for osu!mania that aren't already on the convert page on the osu!mania forum?

The best thing you could do is find one of the various converters out there and convert them by hand yourself. Otherwise, it's... really just an endless search.

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Do you think practicing with the editor is a good idea? Like, jumping to the hard part of a map and retrying it

YES. Absolutely yes. I do this -all the time-. Isolating sections that you struggle with is a very fast and guaranteed way to improve on things that are within your reach.

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new player here, what things should do and what avoid

This is a really vague question, but I will say this: do what you can to gain experience in play. Don't strain a huge amount. If you're new and playing osu!mania - do not put ANY ATTENTION to the star rating system: it is a way to get a false sense of skill and security. Instead, pay attention to how fast your songs are and the kinds of patterns you're coming across.

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