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which name shall i use (just in case you don't recognize me) if you have any idea please tell me and delete your answer right after

Choose it ur way, no prblms

Aah okay you said she was your classmate she isn't your classmate anymore, is not your neighbor,does not study in the same school as you so you probably don't meet her unless you are friends

I meet her every week lol

you know if you weren' t wise I perhaps will never be interested in you the fact of revealing who I am is going to bother me like I would have to change places every time I see you do you understand me you probably don't so please trust me i swear it's gonna be between us

I understand, no prblms! If u really wanna know, she's not really from that "poopy" school

cause you know me I am studying in the same school as you , it's hard for me to show myself if my situation was different, if I don't have to see you every single day without feeling embarrassed I will not hesitate to tell you who I am

U won't feel embarrassed


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