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Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

Kinda hoping they do, I'm pretty happy in most dreams. HAHAHAHAHAH -hello darkness my old friend.-

When is it your time to get caught in the windowstill?

I'm not quite sure what this question is talking about or trying to ask me. :# is this being asked by someone that I've caught stuck on a windowsill and had lewd play while she was "stuck"?

Can you share a useful tip for dating?

Welll I can't speak for everybody, but when you're as cute as me, a bit of snuggling, compliments and sexual innuendos usually get at least a blowjob.
Can you share a useful tip for dating

Is there any chance you will be making more dolls other than your now famous Tahk doll ? If yes are you open to suggestions ?

I'm sure I can be persuaded, via monetary donations, or sexual favors..
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Is there anything you still haven't tried and want to with this mentioned half-elf ?

Nope, I'm pretty sure we've done everything I've wanted to try. :D I am rather vanilla after all.
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What do you love most about Half-Elf's ? i am asking for a friend ;)

the fact that they're not as skinny as regular elves, the thickness in their hips and ass is just mesmerizing, their plump juicy breasts perfect for nibbling and suckling on day in day out.. oh, sorry you asked about half-elves.. I was only talking about one in particular. :3
What do you love most about HalfElfs  i am asking for a friend
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Would you rather travel on a flying carpet or a dragon's back?

I've done both, and I prefer the dragon.. cause you can trust a dragon, know what they're thinking.. flying carpets are sneaky.

What is your busiest day of the week?

Hm, I think that's definitely got to be "Free for all Fuck Fridays" at the Inn.. My harem of lovely females of all shapes/sizes/races take turns trying to drain me of every last drop of seed I have. :#
What is your busiest day of the week

So Liz taken up a new hobby, toy making, she needs Tahk to test some of them out, will he be interested? Considering how Liz is, it's not your everyday toy - will he need convincing? Or will he jump right to it?

LizRavens’s Profile PhotoLiz Ravens
Well he's not a fan of getting toys inserted.. but he'll happily use said toys on females he knows..


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