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شوخی نے تیری کام کیا اک نگاہ میں👀♥️

Shah Rukh khan
So @hassaammalik (Attention seeker) as you said Waqar made fake id and shotout himself to get followers and coin how the hell you know about this you sista told you about this ?
Lol he is my cousin and i spent alot of my time with him he don't even time to use ask properly and how the hell he did all thia stuff Bro you is high on Sasti chars and the only purpose is yours is to get attenion so it's better to take your ass back 🙋‍♂️
@waqar_jutt He wants Attention but i will give him Lohay ka Rod Jab gussey ga tw takleef tw hogi 😂

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How is life treating you ?

It's fucking horrifying taking Revenge By killing 141 Innocent students?They Are Our Future. They were Children .They went to school to Study not to die .How low can someone stoop to take revenge. Like how can someone be so heartless .It made me cry reading the comments and statements of the parents who lodt their children and the children who survived .Nobody will understand the pain of sending your kid to school and never return back. And Just think about the children who survived .They saw their friends killed infront of their eyes and they were so helpless.I don't even understand Like taking Revenge like this ? I AM ASHAMED TO BEING HUMAN. Just Imagine About that kid who Didnot want to go to college but his mother forcefully sent him. He went but never came back His mother was waiting for him to enters through door but instead of it he went to God. Think about the statement passed by tahir Ali "I sent my children in a green uniform and he returned in a Casket. My son was my dream and my dream has been killed"
Sorry :((

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Post your favorite lyrics nowadays.✨💛

Ghair ki baaton ka akhir aetibar aa hi gaya
Meri janib sy tere dil mein gubar aa hi gaya
Jaanta tha kha raha hai bewafa jhooti qasam
Sadgi dekho k phir bhi aetibar aa hi gaya
Tu nahi aaya wafa dushman toh kya hum mar gaye
Chand din tarpe magar akhir Karar aa hi gaya
Dil mein tha aey hashar unse Na bolain gaye kbhi
Bewafa jab samne aaya toh pyaar aa hi gaya

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