What do you have to say to those who struggle with writing? Any specific methods you use to overcome writers block? Like music or reading a book for other ideas?

Okay, writer's block is a bitch. And honestly, sometimes I let that bitch win. Okay I let her win a lot.
The thing is, writer's block isn't the same for any two people. My writer's block happens when I'm essentially too lazy to figure out how to write a scene. If you look at the stuff that happened in Chapter 19 of Alex's Girl you'll probably realize why it took my a goddamn year to finally just write it! There's so much to think about. So many characters. So many threads.
That's /my/ issue with writer's block. It's never "what happen's next?" it's "how do I make what happens next happen".
Some things that help me personally and that might help you.
1. Re-reading what you already have. This kind of gets you back in the mood.
2. Starting from a different point down the line. Can't figure out how the story opens? Start halfway through the first chapter instead, and I promise you the 'intro' will come to you.
3. Listen to the kind of music that got you inspired to write in the first place.
4. Listen to NEW music that gets you inspired to write.
5. Read a book in a similar genre. I actually never do this on purpose, but whenever I consume media it makes me want to go out and create my own (because while I'm reading a story I consider how I would write it, or how my characters would act in the situations I'm reading about.)
6. This is a cliche, but just writing. Forcing it doesn't always work and can have the opposite effect, but sometimes you force yourself to start and you find you finally got through all the crap your brain didn't know it wanted to write.
Those are some of my methods. Not sure if they'll work for you but maybe try a few out and see what happens. I think a helpful thing is to always recognize where your writers block comes from. Mine is from being a lazy fuck so 6 is usually how I cope. But if it's lack of ideas or "where do I go next?" maybe don't write--just consume to get ideas and plan what happens next from then on.
Also worth saying about #5. It's good to read for inspiration but never steal someone else's ideas, that's lame.

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