Hey just out of curiosity, how in the hell did you afford such a beautiful place in the heart of NYC? I'm asking because it is my life-long dream to hopefully own my own place in NYC. Cheers!

Manhattan is so. Fucking. Expensive. It's really unreal. I had an ex who was like "Yeah I'm gonna move up there" with 4K to her name and I cannot tell you how bad of an idea that would've been (aside from the fact that she kept hinting at the fact that we should live together, which would've been an even worse idea).

4K is not enough of a safety blanket, which you WILL need. You'd want a nice cushy amount of cash saved up before you move to NYC, and you have to be prepared to live with 2-4 strangers, in sketchy neighborhoods, until you're making decent money (which can take FOREVER, if it ever happens at all.)
I love NYC, but it's insane how expensive everything is. I get it. Center of the universe right here. But still, it seems like living in NYC is something only the EXTREMELY hard working or the privileged can afford.
In my case, it's a bit of both things. I have LOTS of money saved up, but my roommate situation is uh, not ideal. That being said, I love my room and might actually post a video up of it soon--when I've finished decorating it.

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