You do need a penis to pleasure your lady more intensily that's why you lesbian girls use dildos and strap ons

Firstly, it's intensely*. If you're going to message me typical ignorant mansplaining bullshit at least have the decency to get an elementary level education first.
Secondly, not that there's anything wrong with using dildos/strapons, but the majority of lesbians couples do not use either during sex, you've been watching too much lesbian porn.
Thirdly, it's been proven and is a FACT that lesbian couples report happier and better sex lives, longer sex sessions, and more orgasms than straight women. Just Google it to read the report.
Fourthly, it is very rare for women to orgasm purely from penetration. The great majority of women can ONLY orgasm from clitoral stimulation (which, as you probably don't know, doesn't require a penis)
Conclusion: Like I said, you obviously know nothing about women's bodies, you obviously don't know how to pleasure women. You are clearly bad in bed.
I'd feel bad for you but I'm too busy feeling sorry for the poor women you've probably bored in bed. If there are any. There probably aren't any. Never mind I feel better!

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