What do u usually do to make someone understand they're not being cool n u don't wanna talk to them?? I've this problem bc I'm always afraid to be too rude or bad lol

It really doesn't have to do with if they're cool or not. There are plenty of cool people that I--for whatever reason--have no interest in conversing with.
I think it's mostly because I'm so busy that I really only have time to prioritize the people I'm already friends with, and already know I enjoy talking to. I have a #nonewfriends sort of attitude sometimes, which is pretty bad, but I think that just means I'm "emotionally/socially fulfilled" by the currently people I interact with on a daily basis, and because of that I don't necessarily need to seek 'fulfillment' elsewhere?
It's pretty different from when when I was much younger, a teenager, and didn't really feel like I had enough close friends that really "understood" or "knew" me. Back then I was way more open to online relationships and friendships, and would seek them out more actively. I guess I don't feel like I NEED that now, I already have enough friends who 'get' me, so I can be pickier with who I choose to get close with.
But mostly if I have no interest in talking to someone I won't really tell them, because that's kind of rude? Instead I'll try to respond to them when I can make the time to. However, our conversations usually become pretty one-sided, with them asking me things about myself and me replying to answer them, but then they notice I'm not asking them anything back about themselves (sort of like ask.fm!) So the conversations usually die out that way.
It's never a reflection of that person though, it doesn't mean they're not interesting to talk to.

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