what was the flirty text and how did she reply?

Well basically I was trying to get her to see a movie that she really doesn't want to see, so she said something along the lines of "I'll watch this movie... as long as I get something out of it."
Which is always tricky because either she wants me to say something sorta tame like "I'll throw in dinner and drinks too" OR she wants me to say "I'll blow your mind in bed after the movie". The problem is if she DOESN'T want you to say the latter/something sexy, and you do, then it's awkward. Also I think the trick is being kinda subtle. Being too upfront about it is too forward/aggressive/not as sexy.
So I decided to take a risk and said the tame former but hinted at the sexy latter. Something like "Well I'll let you watch it in my comfortable bed, on my nice TV, while in my presence." Followed by... "I have other ideas but I'm not at liberty to discuss them."
She said "You can discuss them. I'll accept what you listed as a start." And then I said something like "I gave you the start, the rest I can show you better than I can tell you."
Luckily it was veeeery well received.

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