Ask @TalethP:

what was the flirty text and how did she reply?

Well basically I was trying to get her to see a movie that she really doesn't want to see, so she said something along the lines of "I'll watch this movie... as long as I get something out of it."
Which is always tricky because either she wants me to say something sorta tame like "I'll throw in dinner and drinks too" OR she wants me to say "I'll blow your mind in bed after the movie". The problem is if she DOESN'T want you to say the latter/something sexy, and you do, then it's awkward. Also I think the trick is being kinda subtle. Being too upfront about it is too forward/aggressive/not as sexy.
So I decided to take a risk and said the tame former but hinted at the sexy latter. Something like "Well I'll let you watch it in my comfortable bed, on my nice TV, while in my presence." Followed by... "I have other ideas but I'm not at liberty to discuss them."
She said "You can discuss them. I'll accept what you listed as a start." And then I said something like "I gave you the start, the rest I can show you better than I can tell you."
Luckily it was veeeery well received.

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You do need a penis to pleasure your lady more intensily that's why you lesbian girls use dildos and strap ons

Firstly, it's intensely*. If you're going to message me typical ignorant mansplaining bullshit at least have the decency to get an elementary level education first.
Secondly, not that there's anything wrong with using dildos/strapons, but the majority of lesbians couples do not use either during sex, you've been watching too much lesbian porn.
Thirdly, it's been proven and is a FACT that lesbian couples report happier and better sex lives, longer sex sessions, and more orgasms than straight women. Just Google it to read the report.
Fourthly, it is very rare for women to orgasm purely from penetration. The great majority of women can ONLY orgasm from clitoral stimulation (which, as you probably don't know, doesn't require a penis)
Conclusion: Like I said, you obviously know nothing about women's bodies, you obviously don't know how to pleasure women. You are clearly bad in bed.
I'd feel bad for you but I'm too busy feeling sorry for the poor women you've probably bored in bed. If there are any. There probably aren't any. Never mind I feel better!

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What do you enjoy doing, besides writing? What is your dream?

I like playing video games, long boarding, playing the drums, drinking coffee, reading, shopping for stuff I probably don't need, etc etc.
If I wasn't doing digital marketing I'd probably want to be a vet. I love animals. Currently taking care of an orphaned kitten <3 Considering joining a foster program where I can take care of puppies and kittens for a few weeks. I think that'd be fun (and a lot of work, especially with my schedule) but fun if I could make it work somehow.

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What do u usually do to make someone understand they're not being cool n u don't wanna talk to them?? I've this problem bc I'm always afraid to be too rude or bad lol

It really doesn't have to do with if they're cool or not. There are plenty of cool people that I--for whatever reason--have no interest in conversing with.
I think it's mostly because I'm so busy that I really only have time to prioritize the people I'm already friends with, and already know I enjoy talking to. I have a #nonewfriends sort of attitude sometimes, which is pretty bad, but I think that just means I'm "emotionally/socially fulfilled" by the currently people I interact with on a daily basis, and because of that I don't necessarily need to seek 'fulfillment' elsewhere?
It's pretty different from when when I was much younger, a teenager, and didn't really feel like I had enough close friends that really "understood" or "knew" me. Back then I was way more open to online relationships and friendships, and would seek them out more actively. I guess I don't feel like I NEED that now, I already have enough friends who 'get' me, so I can be pickier with who I choose to get close with.
But mostly if I have no interest in talking to someone I won't really tell them, because that's kind of rude? Instead I'll try to respond to them when I can make the time to. However, our conversations usually become pretty one-sided, with them asking me things about myself and me replying to answer them, but then they notice I'm not asking them anything back about themselves (sort of like!) So the conversations usually die out that way.
It's never a reflection of that person though, it doesn't mean they're not interesting to talk to.

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