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hahhhh great coincidence. i was hoping you'd say it but i was completely doubting you'd say it. does that make sense? haha. im from malaysia. its so true about the effing closet thing. im honestly surprised theres lots of others reading AG

Haha wow I'm sorry! That really sucks :/ on the plus side, according to my stats you're not alone! Lots of lady loving ladies in Malaysia with great taste in fiction :P

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have you ever looked at the demographics on Alex's Girl / LTF? was there ever a country on there that you were kinda shocked anyone there would be reading your lesbian fiction?

Ah yes I love looking at that stuff! Well what I found the most surprising was that the majority of readers were between 18-25, so my age group! Which is awesome because a. That's who I really write for/my target audience and b. Not that there's anything wrong with like, younger teens enjoying my work but they also have much lower standards? So if ONLY a bunch of young teenagers liked my stuff I'd question my storytelling/writing abilities.
I have a lot of readers from the Philippines and Malaysia. I also hear the most from foreign readers that are stuck in the closet because of their countries societal norms, which is always sad.

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hi! so i got this not knowing how it works hahaha poor me its already 2016 :) but i need to follow this amazing writer here :) who's reading this ;) how should i start? lol maybe How's your day? lol lame hows your life?

Hahaha my day and my life are great! Honestly can't complain, but then I've never really had anything to complain about. The biggest tragedy of my life so far has been like, Mufasa's death? So I consider myself lucky in many regards. How about you?

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Have you ever fallen in love with a straight girl? (story of my life)

Hmmm no, not really. I know this is a common lesbian problem but it never has been for me. Well, one of my first girl crushes was one of my good friends back in like middle school but ever since then, nope. It's so rare for me to ever like someone/have a crush on them to begin with, so my brain doesn't even bother falling for straight girls. I'm like impervious to it because I know it'd be a waste of time/energy/emotions.
Straight girls are friends, not food!

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Hey just out of curiosity, how in the hell did you afford such a beautiful place in the heart of NYC? I'm asking because it is my life-long dream to hopefully own my own place in NYC. Cheers!

Manhattan is so. Fucking. Expensive. It's really unreal. I had an ex who was like "Yeah I'm gonna move up there" with 4K to her name and I cannot tell you how bad of an idea that would've been (aside from the fact that she kept hinting at the fact that we should live together, which would've been an even worse idea).

4K is not enough of a safety blanket, which you WILL need. You'd want a nice cushy amount of cash saved up before you move to NYC, and you have to be prepared to live with 2-4 strangers, in sketchy neighborhoods, until you're making decent money (which can take FOREVER, if it ever happens at all.)
I love NYC, but it's insane how expensive everything is. I get it. Center of the universe right here. But still, it seems like living in NYC is something only the EXTREMELY hard working or the privileged can afford.
In my case, it's a bit of both things. I have LOTS of money saved up, but my roommate situation is uh, not ideal. That being said, I love my room and might actually post a video up of it soon--when I've finished decorating it.

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What do you have to say to those who struggle with writing? Any specific methods you use to overcome writers block? Like music or reading a book for other ideas?

Okay, writer's block is a bitch. And honestly, sometimes I let that bitch win. Okay I let her win a lot.
The thing is, writer's block isn't the same for any two people. My writer's block happens when I'm essentially too lazy to figure out how to write a scene. If you look at the stuff that happened in Chapter 19 of Alex's Girl you'll probably realize why it took my a goddamn year to finally just write it! There's so much to think about. So many characters. So many threads.
That's /my/ issue with writer's block. It's never "what happen's next?" it's "how do I make what happens next happen".
Some things that help me personally and that might help you.
1. Re-reading what you already have. This kind of gets you back in the mood.
2. Starting from a different point down the line. Can't figure out how the story opens? Start halfway through the first chapter instead, and I promise you the 'intro' will come to you.
3. Listen to the kind of music that got you inspired to write in the first place.
4. Listen to NEW music that gets you inspired to write.
5. Read a book in a similar genre. I actually never do this on purpose, but whenever I consume media it makes me want to go out and create my own (because while I'm reading a story I consider how I would write it, or how my characters would act in the situations I'm reading about.)
6. This is a cliche, but just writing. Forcing it doesn't always work and can have the opposite effect, but sometimes you force yourself to start and you find you finally got through all the crap your brain didn't know it wanted to write.
Those are some of my methods. Not sure if they'll work for you but maybe try a few out and see what happens. I think a helpful thing is to always recognize where your writers block comes from. Mine is from being a lazy fuck so 6 is usually how I cope. But if it's lack of ideas or "where do I go next?" maybe don't write--just consume to get ideas and plan what happens next from then on.
Also worth saying about #5. It's good to read for inspiration but never steal someone else's ideas, that's lame.

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MMmh well, I knew from the beginning that it was a lost cause, but I wasn't able to keep myself from falling, and ignoring it all isn't that easy, at all, but, I'll do my best. Gosh I'm so tired ! I don't wanna go and do sports.

Yeah, sorry, that's always hard. Trust me, eventually feelings like those go away. It's sort of bitter sweet though, because that feeling is kind of like an addiction, but once you're free you just feel relieved.

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