HI! I'd like to start investing. I'm not sure if this is within your wheelhouse but where should I start? Should I save a certain amount of money or read a recommended book? Any info is appreciated :-)

Olivia Denton
Hey Olivia,
I just answered this question for another reader.
Here are a few resources.
Apps: There are so may apps that you can use to get started including Accorn and Betterment and they start you off slow.
Non-Profits: There are also several local non-profits that have investing for beginner classes that will actually match your funds, for example on here in Brooklyn requires you to have $750 and will match your $750.
Book: Girl Make Your Money Grow. It's easy to understand and breaks down investing in an easy to read manner. And here's a great post written for my blog by a guest blogger- http://myfabfinance.com/guest-post-investing-for-beginners/