I'm not sure that I want to get a credit card but I'm told that I NEED one to increase m credit score, showing that I can handle debt. Can I get a secured credit card and have the same results increasing my credit score?

Olivia Denton
Hey Olivia! Yep, that's true, you need open lines of credit to increase your credit score. Ideally a healthy mix of revolving and installment debt. If you have student loans that covers your installment debt. But for revolving I strongly suggest the Capital One Secured Card. I suggest them because they report your payment history to the bureaus. All secured cards don't do this and that is the single most important thing to look for when planning to build credit using a secured card.
But yes, you will have the same results but not all the risk. And remember, keep your balance below 30% of the card limit. So if you put $300 on the card, never let the balance get higher than $100. How much debt you allow to accumulate on your card is just as important as your payment habits.

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