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✨️ have you ever been to a concert? which ones, and which was the most memorable?

poetalunam’s Profile Photola mantra mori.
Honestly our favorite concerts where local best most remembered are on the fair grounds Chaka khan , Con Funk Shun, big band group , papa roach , the fun stuff June tenth events

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I NEED HELP!there is this girl that i got into a fight with at camp and not only is it affecting me but my friend. she was bullying us. it made me really upset but i chose to ignore it until someone told one of the counselors about it and they said i can let it go or confront her. what do i do?!?

Always bring your issues to the person you have a issue with just be respectful and speak from your heart

Do you know how much I absolutely cherish the ground you walk on babydoll. I would never hurt you or leave you ever never ever for anything. Ever 🙏 Never ever. ?!!!


Have you ever gotten attached to someone (emotionally) without knowing why? I usually find myself being attached to emotionally unavailable individuals or those who barely show interest in me.

I normally invest in people

Do you think there will be a world war within your lifetime(or another World War if you’ve been through one)?


Do you think it’s important to talk about your love language(s) before getting into a relationship with someone?

For sure 100 percent

Do you think porn is cheating if your hiding it cause it makes your partner uncomfortable


If you had to choose, would you rather fly around on the back of a giant bug or be miniaturized and trapped in a bottle on the waves of the ocean?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Definitely a bug lol nobody wants to be trapped


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