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Do you believe that God has someone for you?

Of course I believe in god he our hero’s I wish he come protect us and make a better world 🌎 and better life and better place

That’s good if you want to pray, but to me that God just doesn’t exist. It’s horrible what happened in Hawaii though 😔

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I know I wish god come and protect the world 🌎 and make a better life and better place for us please help us god we all love you and we all miss you god please don’t give us up we need you to protect our world 🌎 we all love you Jesus name we pray 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 amen!
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Do you ever look at yourself and wonder where you gone wrong

I was wrong for fighting in my school years and I make huge mistakes for fighting people it’s not worth it’s and it’s not healthy at all because it’s not really good for fighting but I will forgive myself other chance too not fighting people 🙏🏾
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What is your dream job?

yourfavkade’s Profile PhotoKade
I want too be wwe superstar in 2024 cause it’s was my dream come true I love wwe it’s was my dream and my blessing ♥️

Do you struggle with back pain?

I remember when I got my first surgery last year I got a bladder stone in my stomach cause it’s have to take that out lol I didn’t know it’s was a stone of me I didn’t but I am glad I am better again and yes it’s was very painful and healing ❤️‍


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