i like someone who i never met before i dont know it's just "like" or instead love but i've feelin this more than 3 months, but he has been have someone in his life and it seems like they really in love each other, does im too ego for loving her boyfriend? even love in silence and he never knows.

That means he spends more time with his beloved and less with you, rite? Then, that would mean your feeling is still just a feeling. You havent gone through anything though together with him. To me, your love isnt tested yet. I wouldnt consider that love. Love grows, love endures, love is patient, through joy and sorrow, good and bad times, through every differences, adversaries.
Despite him knowing or not knowing your feeling for him, he‘s happy with his beloved. So if that changes nothing significant you can continue with the idea that you love him. But know that you also have the choice to stop living in your fantasy. Be real, be honest with yourself, your feeling. I suggest you to stop falling in love with the idea of who you think he is. I have similiar experience like this, that sucks. Well, fantasy is great and always great, but eh... real life is greater if you really do live.