Perks of dating you?

Im different. Really different. Dont expect me to treat you just like normal couple did. Routinely take you to cinema or dinner? Ne. Texting good morning and good night everyday? Dont dreaming. Expecting to always get easy in any case? Dont match me. Hence i barely get a date. I'd love to see you suffering, if it makes you stronger later. I'll let you drown in agony.
But i know too, how it feels to be cheated, therefore i'll always try to have faith. I know your limit, then i'll pick you up from agony before you died drowning. I'll go around your surrounding without your knowing. My love is possessive. Not only about telling every small thing happened.
But then again, its not like a chess, that i can get you after get all the other pions. I'll however need your love. Such futile without it.

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