what do you think? being single in Valentines Day for whole day?

Well, I don't have any particular opinion about it. Nothing is wrong either with being single all the year or in a relationship. As long as we try to live our life with all that we have, both are just as significant. We can grow in our singleness as well as when we're in a relationship.But I would curiously question those who feel pathetic being single on valentines day, those who try to be in a relationship for the sake of valentines day, and those who are proudful as to brag being in a relationship on vals day.
I don't think being alone without partner is lonely.
I don't think having (or forcing to have) someone special today would benefit my life in the long run.
I don't think the relieve from when we can follow trends in society is a good sign of normality.
Maybe I'm weird, but I don't live for the superficials.