Ask @Tanokun:

If you could bring one character to life for one day, who, why and what would you do?

Any character at all? I would probably go with H/G/ Wells (specifically from Warehouse 13) because she (YES SHE) is absolutely brilliant and I would try to convince her to time travel with me and use her grappling gun.

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What's your characters fav thing to do?

Chiron: Hunting in the forest.
Kaori: Flirting/going to clubs.
Chas: Gardening at home.
Kana: Skating?
Coral: Surfing and sun bathing.
Carly: Reading without a doubt!
Kernel: Flying in the sunflower fields.
Ayita: Maybe running?
Emi: Recently I'd say playing board games. Haha
Crisp: See above.

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