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So I loved a boy and he ghosted me and after 7 months he came back I still have a little bit feelings for him should I date him again?

ayotiskeii’s Profile Photoayotis keii
Nooooooo way… how can you even think of being with someone who forgot about your existence for 7 whole monthsss???

You deserve better than that, far better than that 😌♥️

Did you achieve any of the dreams you had when you were a child?

To some extent yes… but I still have a long way to go 💪

I had read your answer on virtusa hackthon in quora. As you mentioned, you like to help to get solve coading questions. So can you help me to get solving them. Exam is held on 27 August.

I don’t help people to cheat. If you want I can guide you but won’t solve those for you.

Do you believe in giving people second chances? Yes or no?

Yes, I do
I believe in giving multiple chances to people 💔

Should a guy judge a girl based on her past

No, he shouldn’t
and it also goes the other way around
A girl should also not judge a guy based on his past


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