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Dear anon, what youve stated is 100% true. but as a survivor, I would love to tell you that this shall pass. it might take long and might seem like youre stuck but one day things will start getting better. and that day is when you get up look yourself into the mirror and tell yourself that youre a..

Let me add to it. It goes away when there are external problems, not when you yourself are the problem.

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+1 answer in: “Depression kills... It kills every inch of your body... And all you can do is to sit and wait for death to embrace you.”

My close friend shares my personal things with other people(his friends) infront of me that makes me feel bad and embarrassed. What should i do :/

Tell this person that you don’t like whatever they’re doing, and they gotta stop it. If this person is actually your friend then they’re gonna stop doing that, otherwise this person is clearly not your friend. Stay away from such negative people in that case.

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