Ask @Tattlebug:

FMK Tori, Val, Ryan

I don’t know any of these people very well, it would be rude to base off personality, especially since I don’t know them.
So I’m going to just rate their names.
Kiss, I’m not going to do the other thing cause that’s kinda weird. I’m fourteen: Val, it’s a cool name, not sure if this is their full name or not, but Val is a cool name.
Marry: Tori, it’s a cool name, plus same name as a power ranger, unless it’s a nickname, then sorry you aren’t a power ranger.
Kill: Ryan, I’m sorry. There’s a lot of Ryans I know and a lot of them aren’t nice. I’m sure you are super nice though so sorry about putting you here. Unless you aren’t nice and then I’m not sorry.

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Do you think love at first sight actually exists? Why or why not?

There are multiple types of love:
Eros: Romantic/Sexual; usually based on aesthetic attraction.
Philia: Platonic Love
Ludus: Playful, Exciting Love
Agape: Selfless Love
Pragma: Long-lasting, Close Love
Philautia: Self Love
Storge: Familial Love
I believe that you can certainly feel attraction to people on first sight, eros love, but I don’t believe you can feel a deep bond with someone without talking to them more at the very least.

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Unpopular opinion?

Spiders are adorable and doing their best and don’t deserve their rep. Literally most of them can’t even hurt other people and they just wanna keep your house free from flies that can spread diseases! They just make their little webs and chill.
Snakes also have a bad rep. Most snake species aren’t even venomous nor do they actively go out to attack people! Snakes are just real defensive and bite when they get scared because humans are these big things with front facing eyes that’s indicative of predators.
Anyway, those were my two cents.

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