Ask @Tattlebug:

FMK Tori, Val, Ryan

I don’t know any of these people very well, it would be rude to base off personality, especially since I don’t know them.
So I’m going to just rate their names.
Kiss, I’m not going to do the other thing cause that’s kinda weird. I’m fourteen: Val, it’s a cool name, not sure if this is their full name or not, but Val is a cool name.
Marry: Tori, it’s a cool name, plus same name as a power ranger, unless it’s a nickname, then sorry you aren’t a power ranger.
Kill: Ryan, I’m sorry. There’s a lot of Ryans I know and a lot of them aren’t nice. I’m sure you are super nice though so sorry about putting you here. Unless you aren’t nice and then I’m not sorry.

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