Ask @Taylor1DNYC:

What does friendship mean to you? What should your friend be like? Do you have a lot of friends?

loyalty? This is a really good question that had me thinking for hours actually hahaha I don't know. I really only w a few loyalty and spontaneity in a friendship. Oh and comfort. I have a lot of acquaintances I guess but I don't consider a lot of them to be friends if that makes any sense? I've always kept my circle very very small

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What's your skincare routine?

this is long so beware:
in the shower i use naive face wash in peach, and after the shower i use orogold 24k gold exfoliant
after, i set my face with mario badescu spray (aloe and rosewater, i think)
then, toner. on a cotton pad, i mix mamonde rosewater toner, japanese skin conditioner, eau de themale avene miscellar water, toner by beyond korea and beauty water by son and park on one pad and pat all over your face lol
then, in the AM i use klairs vitamin c serum, PM i use the ordinary niacinamide 5% zinc serum
then, i use a skinfood peach jelly thing lol
and then, moisturize! skinfood royal jelly emulsion, natural republic 70 green tea emulsion, emulsion from beyond korea, and a beyond korea clear cream
after that i set it back in with more mario badescu spray, and if its PM then i apply the beyond kr night cream!

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