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you mah girl thhhhhhhhooo. i want your opinion or a girls

riiiiiight... & idk It's gonna be ugly anyways lmao, but shaved I guess?

who were you and your black friend talking about? lol

well I'm assuming they meant Hilda, but i don't know we talk about a lot of people lol.. not in a bad way if that's what you're thinking

it could be someone else then idk

prob, but regardless of who you're talking about I don't like me like dattt

ok i was just checking. ill check again tomorrow too just incase you change your mind or want to tell me :D

lmao, greaaaat pal. Can't wait

You say you're not about that life but I heard you and your black friend talking about someone

wha¿ if you mean like talking about someone as if we like them or something thennnn we don't.. I find some people cute and get all dkakdkosnz if they walk by because I'm gay like that, but I don't like them.

john i think is his name i may be wrong

oh that was freshman year where've you beennn? lol I rarely ever see him in school anymore either

oh i thought you liked this one kid that i have seen you with i dont know his name though hes white

hmm, but nah I really don't like anyone.. not about that life

Yes plz

alright gotchu, he's the most beautiful person on this planet like so beautiful he looks edible, his voice is sexy and his name is Dave Franco


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