How did Taylor Talk begin?

When I entered the Taylor Swift fan base, it was with just a Web site called, and I thought about the idea of a podcast with it, but decided there wouldn't really be anything to talk about. I have some very close friends who run a Harry Potter podcast called Mugglecast. On Mugglecast, for many years they were able to speculate on the future of the Harry Potter series, analyze different characters, etc. and I was like "there couldn't possibly be enough to talk about with just Taylor Swift alone, right?" How wrong I was. So when I was writing a blog post for speculating on what would be included in Taylor's mysterious 4th album, it hit me... This is EXACTLY what would make for a good Taylor Swift podcast! Just like JK Rowling, Taylor is a writer and a story teller, and there is so much to discuss regarding her music, career, and more! So Taylor Talk was born on November 1, 2011, and we're still here in 2014 rocking it!