Ask @TaylorTalk13:

What is your competition as a podcast?

Nothing, really. Podcasting is an interesting space in the online world. Everyone tends to support each other, because we all support the fact that one another is making content and putting it out into the world. Aside from that, podcasting is fun. Running a fan podcast is something we do because we love to chat about Taylor Swift and share our thoughts regarding her, hearing feedback from listeners and just meeting other Taylor fans. Did that all make sense?

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How did Taylor Talk begin?

When I entered the Taylor Swift fan base, it was with just a Web site called, and I thought about the idea of a podcast with it, but decided there wouldn't really be anything to talk about. I have some very close friends who run a Harry Potter podcast called Mugglecast. On Mugglecast, for many years they were able to speculate on the future of the Harry Potter series, analyze different characters, etc. and I was like "there couldn't possibly be enough to talk about with just Taylor Swift alone, right?" How wrong I was. So when I was writing a blog post for speculating on what would be included in Taylor's mysterious 4th album, it hit me... This is EXACTLY what would make for a good Taylor Swift podcast! Just like JK Rowling, Taylor is a writer and a story teller, and there is so much to discuss regarding her music, career, and more! So Taylor Talk was born on November 1, 2011, and we're still here in 2014 rocking it!

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Hi Taylor Talk, I'm Joe and I noticed when I saw The Red Tour, Taylor did not hug people while she was going to the b stage like she did on the Fearless and Speak now tour. Why do you think that is?

Hey Joe -- I haven't got a clue. If I had to guess though, maybe it's a safety thing? Or it could have very likely been a timing thing. Maybe she had less time to get back to the b-stage than on previous tours.

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What do you guys think of the fantasy focus guys trash talking your podcast? Is there really a rivalry between you guys?

That is an interesting question, and I am sorry I didn't answer it sooner. If you want my personal opinion, I think trash talking Taylor Talk, Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift fans was a bit of a dirty tactic on the part of the ESPN hosts to try to win votes. Prior to the Podcast Awards, I didn't actually even know their podcast existed, and I have nothing against them (although my co-host, Steve, was actually a listener of theirs). As far as whether there is a rivalry or not, I don't consider them to be rivals, because we discuss very different topics for very different audiences. I commend them for the community they've built and they seem to be having great success with their show, but what they do or say doesn't affect us, so I prefer to simply ignore any hate we receive from them. I'm sure they didn't mean any harm by saying what they did, but rather they were doing what they felt they needed to do to gain a competitive edge in the voting. From our end, we felt the best decision for us was to run a clean campaign and not retaliate, so that's what we did.

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Do you think Taylor has an account??

Hi Katie -- I couldn't imagine her having one, although there is one I've see people claim to be hers. As far as I know, still doesn't have a celebrity verification system like Twitter and Facebook do. It would be cool if Taylor had one though (even though it wouldn't be humanly possible for her to answer all the questions she gets)

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