Ask @Teenrose123:

What if you have friends that doesnt care about you... And you are mad at them.. you always care about them.. you always back off.. you messge them.. and they even care to talk to in front of you..?

Lol i won't be mad at them. I'll simply walk off and will never turn back. This is the easiest way to get rid of heartbreaks. 🙂

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Perks of being your friend?

I can bake a pizza for you😎... i can make you laugh in second...😆 i am available 24/7 just give me a call whenever you're sad/happy/bored/irritated.💕💋... you can share anything and everything with me and honestly i won't let your secrets out.❤... maynn you will have an awesone friend (me) in your life😂❤🙈 Plus mere over pointless dramas bhi sunne paren gy🙄🙈

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