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Well, where do I start, for now at least, it may not be permanent, but for now, the page is going to be closed. Not Deactivated, but a sign will be put up saying it is closed. We have answered ALL of the questions that we have had, and will not be answered ANYMORE questions. If you have any questions for us, you can find all of our details still in the bio, although the other admins will likely post something confirming how to contact them. It has been a great almost two years on this page, and im sure that maybe the page will be able to restart again sometime! Once again, if you want to contact me, im always on kik - Catman_Jake, Otherwise, Auf Wiedersehen. - Jake.

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Hi, I love what ur doing and I need help! I have a meal to go to today and it's for haloween and I don't want to wear a dress or skirt because I wasn't to dress more modestly and classy so what do u think I should wear I'm going with my friend and her other 3 friends I'm thinking to wear leggings???

Sorry, just seen this question and we have answered it too late for you! Sorry sweetie! - Jake

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that way about her. It would break her heart if I break up now. All my friends make fun of me for dating her but I know I love her like fuck. I just dont know in which way. What do I do? :'( Im so clueless. Please help. :/

You need to block everyone else out, and really, you need to find out whether you do love her or not.. give it some time okay? If you realise you do, then that is great! If you realise, no I do not love her, you need to tell her... as, well what would you prefer, for your girlfriend to say, look... I don't love you, but I love you as a friend, after a few weeks, OR 6 months down the line, to say actually, I don't love you after these 6 months.. that would break anyone the 2nd option wouldn't it? - Jake

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I think I missed something? Why are you guys going inactive?? That's if I'm allowed to ask of course if not I completely understand I'm sure you have a valid reason and will be greatly missed Goodluck with the future all of you :)

This is very sweet.
If you read the question below or 2 below I'm unsure :p haha.
But yeah, if you take a look. Jake has said below and before too :)
We'll still be here to contact personally though.
Good luck with you too sweetheart x

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