Ask @TehChaos:

Is Celica fun to play?

Oh, she definitely is, but...She feels very unfinished at the same time? Her drive moves leave her very open to counters, her supers rely on Overdrive activation AND opponents making HUGE mistakes to have any sort of chance to be effective, and most of her shit just really isn't workable. Celica's only saving grace is the huge amount of damage her combos do, but again, it's easy to punish her if you know what you're doing and keep alert.

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Got an rp ship wish list?

Ehhhhhhhh for what exactly? Just my muses or for everyone in Citta, or for everything ever...? Feh, I'll do a short one on mine because otherwise we'd be here forever. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:
Jayden X Sako (On the fence about this one but I'd consider it)
Celica X Sho
Celica X Ragna
Celica X Litchi
Celica X Lucina
Adachi X Roman (I AM A SINNER)
Adachi X Undertaker's torture chamber (This will be Citta canon shortly)

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