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Why do people hate to see others happy?

Why so relateable? 😂
In the last year of mine in college, i was given two offices. One was
And the other one was
President of literary society.
I was sooo happy because holding both offices was my desire!
But my dear boys class fellows couldn't control their emotions💁 and went to Principal and said
"How tehzeeb can hold two offices simultaneously though it is the college rule that one Student can hold one office"
After then i started receiving calls from Principal, head Controller of literary society, discipline controller, head mistress and blah blah blah. And the object was one that go for one and leave other. I had to leave presidency though it was my utmost desire.
That was the time i was feeling too much!
Thank You Fellows!!! 💁
Another day i came to know that one fellow was holding presidency and proctorship too.
For sympathies,i went to principal and said same as boys said to him
And then he was called and was convinced to leave one. 😂😂😂
He was like "tehzeeb ke pas bhi dono holds rehne dein or mere pas bhi"😂😂
But the conclusion is
Yes, people do hate to see others happy 😂😂

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